Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Tea Party, Chuck Bass & Stella Rosa.

This year I spent Valentines Day with one of my best gals, Elyssa.  We had a tea party & watched Gossip Girl, specifically Chuck Bass, to ring in this day dedicated to loveeeee.  Oh, I can't forget to mention that one of my best guys, Paul Wall, dropped in.  I'm thinking he came for Lyss' signature Monte Cristo sandwich more so than to watch GG.  Here are some pictures of the crafts & decor that went into this year's Valentines celebration.  

My latest obsession?  Doilies.  I used them for everything I crafted this Valentines day.  I made a table runner out of paper doilies and cut out deep red hearts to make it holiday appropriate.  

I also used a doily and hearts to make this piece to hang from the light fixture above the table.  It consists of one long beige ribbon, a couple heart cut outs, a string of small pearls to line some of the hearts and hot glue to put it all together. 

Next, I constructed a footed cupcake platter.  My supplies? The bottom of a Valentines chocolate box, a plastic cup, string of small pearls and of course a couple doilies.  I cut one doily in half and wrapped the two halves around the plastic cup.  I used the string of pearls to line the rim of the plastic cup and hot glued the bottom of the cup to the heart-shaped chocolate box.  Next, I lined pearls around the rim of the box and placed a heart-shaped doily in the center.  The finishing touch?  Three scrumptious cupcakes made by Momma Lute.

Below, my table setting for the tea party.

No roses on my table, thank you very much.  I'm a sunflower kinda gal.  Fresh chai matte from Teavana.  Stella Rosa and the-cutest-teapot-you'll-ever-see courtesy of Jessica Joy.  My favorite tea cup to remind me of the East Coast.  All of this makes for my kind of tea party.  

For my Valentines, I added a bag of heart-shaped shortbread cookies to accompany the Mason jars.  I bought the small paper bags from Michaels.  Doilies and heart-shaped cut outs again made for the embellishments.  I then stamped my favorite Beatles' lyrics, "All you need is love," on each of the bags.  

 Happy Valentines Day once again!

 Finally, as a Valentines day gift to myself, I made an embroidery hoop. 
 Peace, sunshine & flowers are what I love best.  
I hope everyone felt a little love today.  
Because the Beatles are right.  
All you ever really need is love

Sending you lots of sunshine,

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